The New Culture Forum | Peter Whittle Interviews Sall Grover

Australian media are ignoring a landmark fight to reclaim sex based rights and protections for all women and girls. This constitutional law case is not only relevant to Australia; it could potentially redefine women's rights around the world as it is based on a UN convention to which most countries are signatory.

Human Rights and Gender Dysphoria | Senator Malcolm Roberts Australian Senate| Start 3.09 minutes

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) subscribes to the belief that sex can be changed after birth as recognised in law throughout Australia. The meaning of the words 'man', 'woman' and 'sex' will be argued at the federal court level with the assistance of the AHRC.

Gender v Sex | The constitutional challenge Case commences April 9

Upcoming court case of Tickle V Giggle will decide whether you have the right to speak as you see fit. If Sall Grover wins, it will be a win for free speech and clear definitions. If Roxanne Tickle wins, it will assign Australia to an era of double-think.

Female-Only App Creator Sued | Triggernometry Premiers December 4 2023

Sall Grover was a Hollywood screenwriter for a decade before returning to Australia to start 'Giggle' - a female-only social media app. Sall is currently in the midst of a landmark legal case.

Are Women Just D*ckless Men? | Peter Boghossian & Sall Grover

Peter Boghossian spoke with Sall about the fundamental disticntion between the sexes, why preferred pronouns must be rejected, free speech and cognitive liberty, the meaning of progress, and the future of the transgender fad.

Quillette Sex Discrimination Without Sex

Sex Discrimination Without Sex | Quillette

Sex, according to the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner, means almost nothing at all.

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Spectator Tickle vs Giggle

Tickle vs. Giggle | The Spectator Australia

A landmark case is about to hit the Federal Court that will either confirm or challenge the ongoing attempt by the Australian government to erase ‘women, ‘female’, and ‘girl’ as sex-based categories.

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Ep222i Men Must Be Allowed Into Women's-Only On-Line Spaces: Aussie Humans Rights Body

Sall Grover is the Australian founder of an independant female-only social media platform called 'Giggle'.

Giggle was created by Sall as a platform centred around women connecting with, and supporting, other women.

Rachael Wong on Sky News discussing Tickle v Giggle

Rachael speaks to Cory Bernardi on Sky News Australia about the human rights claim brought by Roxy Tickle (a man who identifies as a woman) against Sall Grover for refusing to let him use her female-only networking app Giggle, and explain how this could be a monumental case for women’s sex-based rights and protections in Australia.

This landmark case is the first opportunity we've had to resolve the conflict between the sex-based rights of women and the rights of those claiming a gender identity inconsistent with their sex.

It has profound implications not only for Giggle, but for all female spaces, and could determine whether or not women and girls across Australia have a right to female-only dedicated services, facilities and activities, or whether they must share these with men and boys who say they’re female.

Guardian Tickle vs Giggle

Transgender woman sues female-only app Giggle for Girls for alleged discrimination

Transgender woman sues female-only app Giggle for Girls for alleged discrimination. Roxanne Tickle claims she was unlawfully barred from using the app after the firm and its CEO said she was a man

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This man wants women to accept the lie he is a woman

A man appropriating stereotypes of womanhood is in the federal court insisting he be accepted as a woman.

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Tickle v Giggle: Trans-identified Roxanne Tickle sues founder of female-only social media app after being barred from platform in Australia

Roxanne Tickle, a biological male who identifies as a woman, is suing Giggle app owner Sall Grover alleging unlawful discrimination under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act.

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Trans woman Roxanne Tickle takes female-only app Giggle to court

A landmark case in the Federal Court which pitches a trans woman against the founder of a female-only app will test the conflict between sex and gender identity in Australian law.

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